Saturday, 19 July 2014

Contest - #MyMoodMyColour

Greetings all, 

It is contest time in DeRenéville! We are giving away Fran Wilson's Moodmatcher lipsticks to the winners. 

What to do: Simply tell us which colour defines you and why. Be creative in your entries. 

[There are no word limits. You can also post an image with it for extra points.]

Rules: Must tag DeRené and put the hashtag #MyMoodMyColour. You can post it on your own timeline or ours. 

Where: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ 

Deadline: 31st July 2014 

The most creative and fabulous entries stand a chance to win the amazing Moodmatcher lipsticks. 

Want to know more about Moodmatchers? Click here 

Good Luck everyone! 


Friday, 18 July 2014

Let the lips do the talking

Your lipstick matches your clothes, but does it match your mood? Well, if you are wearing the Moodmatcher, then it surely does. All the way from USA, fashion brand DE RENÉ is here to bring to you a range of lip colors that aspire to go toe-to-toe with how you are feeling.

Produced under the banner of Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA, the company brings to you a large variety of stylized and customized lippers.

You might see a bright yellow lipstick, but it might turn a fuchsia pink as soon as you put it on.  The amazement does not end there! Not only does this suit your every demand, but also the gorgeous colors are long lasting. With a 12 hour promise, the twist sticks are worth every penny. All you need to do is apply a luxurious coat in the morning, and it’ll have you looking mesmerizing till the night. Completely water proof and sweat resistant, it leaves you looking fabulous whether on a busy road or in the swimming pool.

We also love the fact that it comes in any kind of tube be it twist sticks or glosses. As soon as the fabulous coat of color is applied, it matches itself with your body chemistry thereby ensuring that you get a different color every time.

It was this quality which attracted fashion connoisseur and De Rene creator Pooja Mittal to this range. While touring in New York, she happened to see a bright green lip stick. Wondering how it would look, our fashionista decided to try it and we are sure you can guess the rest! This was when she decided that she simply had to bring in these magical sticks to the Indian fashion retail.

Our personal favorites are the dark blue and the purple ones. It was the absurd and rather different lip colors that attracted us to them. We must say its super fun when the color transforms! Almost magical!

Friday, 11 July 2014

See Click Buy!

A screenshot from the website
In today’s day and age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find time off work. Hectic schedules,

stressful deadlines and long working hours have become a mainstay for survival. When people are free,

they are either eating or sleeping and recreational activities like going for a walk, watching a movie or

for that matter even shopping takes a backseat. But for some fashionistas, shopping means relaxation, it

means distressing and it has to be done. It is specially these who have taken to the online retail options

like fish takes to water.

There are so many online shopping sites with numerous online shopping deals that it is almost like

a virtual shopping mall today.  With a huge

traffic in this area, it is rather tough to decipher what to buy and what to forgo. Often in the search of

something different, patrons get exhausted and promise  to never shop online again.
This is where we come in. Totally unique from the rest, De René focuses on beauty and fashion

accessories which are unavailable in the Indian retail space. Designed and shipped from all over the world, these products are undeniably unique and over the edge. Sophisticated, understated and

overtly elegant, De René brings what you need to renovate that closet.

Rather than showing you more than a hundred options of say black pumps, De René gives you the

option of stylized Absolutely Audrey shoe clips which promise to change the look of any pair of pumps


Be it big, round, aviators or any other type of shades, we see it all in the market daily. Most of these

brands and styles are easy to imitate and this decreases the credibility of a branded purchase. De René

offers you a selective but fabulous range of sunglasses for women. These come embellished heavily with

Swarovski’s and other kinds of adornments which make them truly original.

The watches too are to die for. Popped up with bright colours and rose gold dials, each and

every piece oozes glamour and style. The story and inspiration behind each piece saves you the trouble

of going through pages and pages of watches before you select the one which looks best on you.

Where the Indian online shopping scene is concerned, we prefer selective but quality products which

help you glam yourself up instantly.