Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A luxurious option of timeless beauty: De René

The monsoons are here and so are we to deliver freshness straight into your wardrobes. We are sure that your email inbox as well as Facebook newsfeed is inundated with various online shopping sites flaunting in their online shopping deals. But we promise to come with a difference. Here’s to a tribute to your timeless favorites in your wardrobe. De René is not here to throw them but to renovate them. So let the games begin!

Styled and designed all the way from US, De René dares to show you another luxurious side of fashion retail. Be it the styling, the designs or the materials used, all products spell sexy elegance like no other. We bring to you exclusive and rare-to-find accessories that will completely change your look daily. From being a nice and simple yet stylish working girl in the morning, you can transform into that exotic fashionista in the night.

De René originated with an intension to bring to India all that which was chic as well as unavailable here.  Our pop colored, stylized watches, embellished shades, wristlets and clutches with a platinum finish, Swarovski embellished necklaces and ear studs, goddess style hairbands and rather cute ear clips for your smartphones are some of the basics that we offer you. 

Not only this, De René announces the fashionable entry of two American brands – Absolutely Audrey shoe accessories USA and Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA Cosmetics into Indian online retail. While Absolutely Audrey gives you the options of numerous beautiful shoe clips to brighten up those plain pumps, Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA Cosmetics gives you the ‘Moodmatcher’, a lipper which doesn’t only change your mood but also defines it.

This exquisite company is the culmination of style-connoisseur and entrepreneur Pooja Mittal's dream of evolutionalising Indian fashion. After having putting in efforts in the fashion streets of US, she is here to bring in a fresh note to Indian fashion.

“Every girl desires to look uniquely gorgeous and we wanted to introduce some rare-to-find fashion accessories to India from across the world & bring that to reality. We want to offer a fashion destination where women can be inspired, see what all is out there without having to travel the world. Accessories that would not only style you but also define you. We don’t want to be everything for everybody. We have a point of view,” says Pooja.

We know the fashionable yet understated and sophisticated you, we promise to suit you every need at our online site

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